No matter where you are in your fitness journey, motivation is something that can come and go. Most of us experience that high when you first start out, but as you continue down the path of living a healthy lifestyle, it can sometimes feel as if you’re losing that motivation, especially during the holiday season. The holidays are great and such an incredible time to be with friends and family, but they are also a very busy time. With all that hustle and bustle it’s easy for the gym to be pushed on the backburner, especially when you’re trying to balance work and the social scene that comes with the end of the year. Instead of having to wait till January to hop back on that fitness regime, go into the holiday season with full confidence in yourself, and continue that motivation throughout December.  


Write Down Your Goals 

A great way to stay motivated throughout the holiday season is to write down your goals. Having to physically write it out along with the visual aspect of it can drastically help you keep that goal. Now this goal doesn’t have to be anything crazy, it can be something as simple as continuing your current routine. Maybe you want to try out a new fitness class? Write that down. Whatever that goal is, write it down, and keep it somewhere that you’ll be able to see it daily. Write a note, and put it on your fridge or your bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing you see in the morning. Having that small visual reminder can help put you in the mental state that you need to be in order to continue that motivational streak. 


Try To Continue Your Normal Routine 

As humans we all need structure, and the importance of having a routine is something that we all thrive on. When it comes to physical fitness, your body thrives off routine, which is why people often talk about how hard it is to keep up healthy habits when traveling or over seasons where their routine changes. The holidays are busy, so it’s normal if your routine isn’t the same as it was previously, but try and keep things as “normal” as possible. For example, if you’re someone who likes to workout before work in the morning, try and keep doing that. Your body needs a routine and continuing that during the holiday season will help more than you think. It’s the consistency that makes the biggest difference.  


Set Boundaries 

Once again, we love the holidays, but they can become very overwhelming, and it’s important to prioritize yourself during this time. Many of us are guilty of overbooking ourselves and trying to fit everyone into our schedules, but this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, which can lead to even more negative feelings. Remember that it’s okay to say no and that you don’t have to attend every single holiday party or family dinner. It’s easy to become “yes people” during the holiday season and like we mentioned earlier, it’s the consistency that gives you the most progress. Instead of saying yes to everything, set some boundaries for yourself. Maybe that means only going to your company’s holiday party for an hour so that you can go hit the gym after. Setting boundaries is actually healthy for you, and you shouldn’t feel selfish for prioritizing yourself. Setting boundaries can even help you feel better during the holiday season, instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  


Anticipate Setbacks 

Due to the number of parties, get-togethers, dinners, and all the fun things that tend to surround the holiday season. It’s completely normal for you to miss a few gym sessions or want to indulge in the delicious food, which is why it’s important to anticipate that the holiday season is probably not the time where you’re going to lose the most weight or that your fitness goal may be a bit more plateau than it usually is. You may find that instead of going to the gym five days a week you’re only going three to four times, and that’s okay! Finding that happy medium where you’re still living a healthy lifestyle, but you’re also enjoying the holiday season can be a hard thing, but once you find it, it’s great! You shouldn’t ever feel bad for wanting to prioritize yourself or for enjoying your time with your family and friends. 


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