While many of us start out on a fitness routine to lose weight, it’s important to understand that skinny does not always mean healthy. For years we’ve been plastered with a body type that the media and society has deemed “healthy” and unfortunately that body type doesn’t always equate to that. In this blog post, we will be discussing the term “skinny fat” and why skinny doesn’t always mean a person is healthy. Keep reading to learn more. 


If you’ve ever heard the term “skinny fat,” it’s probably confused you. After all, how do those two go together when they’ve been used to describe two ends of the weight spectrum? The term “skinny fat” means that the amount of muscle mass on your body is less than the amount of fat you have. Which also means that it’s important for you to build muscle, which can be a difficult thing for those who think weight lifting will make them bulky or more masculine. 


While incorporating cardio into your fitness routine can help burn fat, it’s important that you keep a healthy level of muscle on your body too. Focusing only on fat loss is never a good thing, especially for females. Women need specific amounts of fat on their body to regulate their hormones, menstrual system, and provide a safe environment for a potential baby. Even if becoming pregnant is not a goal of yours, having irregular or skipping periods can be dangerous. Ladies, do not be afraid of the weights section in the gym. The simple truth is that it is incredibly difficult for women to build enough muscle naturally to give you that bulky appearance that so many are afraid of. 


It’s also important to make sure that you’re eating enough food. Many people equate eating too much food to gaining weight, which is true, but undereating can also be dangerous — and even cause you to gain weight. If you’ve excessively reduced your caloric intake, your body may go into what is called “survivor mode”. Since you’re supplying it with such little nutrients, it’s going to hold onto that food and may even convert it into fat. Your body may also then break down the lean tissue (muscle) to get the remaining energy that it needs to survive. Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat, which is also why your body converts muscle to fat. 


Remember that just because a person or you are thin, doesn’t mean that that person or you is healthy. Being healthy is way more important than your physical appearance, so don’t sacrifice your body because you think you need to look a certain way. At Shredd KC in Lees Summit, our fitness experts can help you become your healthiest today. Connect with us to learn more!